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2009年10月 1日 (木)



The Nuba People

The Nuba people not to be confused with the Nubians. The Nuba people are a group of Africans who inhabit the Nuba Mountains, in Kordofan province, Sudan, Africa. Currently, the Nuba people are being depicted by white supremacists on YouTube as "naked savages" who bath in "cow urine". That is such a false and misleading depictions of the Nuba people; in fact, little people know that the Nuba people are culturally connected with the ancient civilizations along the Nile valley.Many of their culture can be trace to ancient nubia and ancient egypt. This video will clear up some of the misconceptions about the Nuba people. Narrated by Basil Davidson he gives evidences that linked the Nuba with the ancient civilizations along the Nile River.

Culturas Perdidas (Cultures Lost) Los Nubas de Niyaro

Images and video from the formal Village of Niyaro, Sudan

El viaje de el familia Valls/Cores en la Sudan Años 1976 -1979

Leni Riefenstahl (The mother of modern film.) Pt.1



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